On the northwest side of Wollongong near the base of Mt. Kiera and the Illawara Escarpment is a large city park, the Wollongong Botanic Garden.

My visit was on a weekend morning and the park was surprisingly un-crowded and peaceful, perhaps on account of the misting gray skies.  There is no entry fee, the gardens are easy to find, and the entire property was spotlessly clean.  Plan at least an hour to skim the gardens, and two hours or longer for a thorough visit.

The most obvious feature at the gardens is a pond with gazebo.  The pond is surrounded by natural and domestic plantings, and is home to ducks and other birds.

This bridge is a duplicate of one located in Kawasaki, Japan, the sister city of Wollongong.

The peaceful and lush garden grounds are a respite from the congestion, crowds, and noise of the nearby city of Wollongong.

The property is organized into planting areas of manicured gardens and natural ecological zones.

One section is an herb garden, located near a historic home that is now an educational center.

Architectural features and sculptures are scattered throughout the gardens.

The greenhouses are home to collections that would not otherwise thrive in the temperate coastal climate of central New South Wales.

Some individual specimens of plants and animals found in the Botanic Garden:

For more information, visit the Wollongong Botanic Garden’s official website.


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