North Crater Trail

With only a half-day to visit the park, there isn’t time to hike every trail.  After asking a park ranger for a recommendation of the best trail, I set off on the North Crater Trail.  The trail is 3.6 miles each way and offers outstanding views, close-up access to some large volcanic cones, and a few climbs for exercise.

The trail is easy to follow and consists of a well-worn path with log stairs.  In some locations the trail crosses a hard lava flow and the trail is marked with steel posts.

Broken Top Loop Trail

To quickly access Buffalo Cave, hike counter-clockwise around the Broken Top Loop Trail.  The entire loop is 1.8 miles.

Devil’s Orchard Nature Trail

An easy trail and only a half-mile long, this trail features a few photogenic trees, interesting rock formations, and educational interpretive signs.

Wilderness Area

The entire lava flow measures 256,000 acres.  Of that, 43,000 acres is a designated Wilderness Area and a small portion is the developed area of the Craters of the Moon National Monument.  This will be worth coming back for some day.


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