Mudgee, NSW

Mudgee is a medium-size historic town in the interior of New South Wales.  Mudgee was originally settled as an agricultural town, and boomed later as a result of gold discoveries in the region.  Today Mudgee is the home of vines, wines, and mines.


The historic architecture in Mugee is meticulously maintained and most historic buildings still perform their original function.  The downtown blocks, for example, are fully occupied by modern restaurants, banks, and other businesses.  Several original Australian-style hotels are still operating with pubs and restaurants.  The architecturally magnificent church shown above is one of several in town.


My first choice for accommodation is the Parklands Resort.  Large rooms, green landscaping, and a quiet off-the-highway location.  It's a nice compromise of country quiet and proximity to town.  A paved walking path leads from the Parklands to downtown Mudgee.

I am also satisfied with stays at the Winning Post Hotel, located in Mudgee only two blocks from historic hotel pubs, parks, and restaurants.


For a town of it's size, Mudgee has a large number and variety of eating options.  There are two large groceries, a dozen or more small cafes and takeaways, four or more historic hotel pubs, and many restaurants.

City Parks

Lawson Park

Lawson Park is very popular and often filled with local residents enjoying the fresh air.  It's located on the north side of Mudgee and on the banks of the Cudgegong River.

The park features a small dam and lake, paved walking paths, historic monuments, and a city pool.

For a bit of solitude, visit the park early in the morning.

Flirtation Hill Lookout

It may sound a bit awkward to visit here alone based on the name, but it's actually a nice overlook of the Mudgee area including a distant view of the downtown.

Mudgee Commons

The Mudgee Commons is an area of forested parkland on the edge of town.  Adjacent to The Commons is the Avisford Nature Reserve.  The boundary is not well marked but there is a sign on the main trail as you enter the reserve.

The Mudgee Commons is heavily used by mountain bikers, and the entire area is criss-crossed by developed single-track bike trails.  It's also a nice place for wildlife watching and walking.

Historic Train Depot

Located few blocks south of the main downtown area is the historic railroad depot.


I don't know offhand the number of wineries and vineyards in the immediate Mudgee area, but there must be fifty or more.  Many/most of them have cellar doors for tasting and sales, and several wineries market together at the Small Winemakers Center.  Some of the wineries have restaurants, tasting classes, special events, and dinners.  The area is especially active with events during the annual Mudgee Wine Festival.


Something about the Mudgee area is extra-favorable to red wines.  It's likely related to the relatively moderate temperatures and cooler nights, and perhaps a condition of the soil as well.  My favorite wineries include Robert Oatley (they market several brands; I tend to favor the "Robert Oatley" and "Montrose" marked wines, especially the Black Shiraz), Two Furlongs (at the Small Winemakers Center), Elliot Rocke, and several others.

The red wines overall from the Mudgee area are outstanding, but I'm also a big fan of the white desert wines from Di Lusso Estate (I've brought back more of that to the States than any other bottles).  Di Lusso also happens to also serve lunch specializing in pizza on Fri-Sat-Sun.

Photos from the Vineyards


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