About Me


Welcome to placesandpics.com.  I hope you liked the pictures and found some of the other content useful.  My name is Bob Wick and I live in Raton, New Mexico with my wife Elizabeth and our son “Little Bob.”


I travel.  A lot.  Always have.  Sometimes for work, sometimes not.  Sometimes the work trips allow time for sightseeing, hiking, exploring, and photography.  Other times it’s work-eat-sleep-work with little leisure time.  I do try to make the most of whatever personal time is available, whether it’s an hour before work, an afternoon off, or multiple days of down time in a faraway place.

Currently I am employed at a small geophysical consulting company and the majority of their clients are in Australia, although we have worked throughout the United States as well.  Previously I spent twelve years as a professional archaeologist, which was nearly all traveling from project-to-project for outdoor-related work and almost always in some interesting scenic location.

I’m very fortunate that my family also likes to travel and sight-see, and “Little Bob” and I have frequent adventures outdoors including multi-day tours to regional areas, overnight backpacking trips, and many local dayhikes.


I’ve been using a camera and taking outdoor pictures for almost 40 years, starting with one of Dad’s vintage cameras that used some obscure film format, wearing through a series of inexpensive and low-quality camera types including the horrible 110 film format, and eventually progressing to 35mm SLR cameras including the Minolta XG-1 and X700.

In 2011 I made the big jump to digital, starting with a Nikon DSLR and a Canon point-and-shoot.  My digital photography has been used on television, in local news print, and displayed in local photography and art exhibitions.  I also maintain a website that is focused on local events and scenery in Raton, New Mexico:  www.ratonphotos.com