The Drip

Interestingly, and quite unusual, The Drip is a private natural area that’s open to public access. The area’s primary feature is The Drip Gorge, an undercut sandstone bluff alongside the Goulburn River.  The area is also known for it’s natural environment, cultural significance, and a popular walking track.

The Walk

The walking track is relatively level, easy to navigate, and only approximately 1 km in length from the car park to the main gorge cliff.  The easy track combined with the river access makes The Drip a great spot for families and walkers of all abilities.

The river access, dripping water, deep shade, and cool bluffs make The Drip an excellent year-round destination, especially on hot days.

The Controversy

Yancoal acquired the property in a land purchase as part of their development of the nearby Moolarbin coal mine, a deal that has made the news in the Mudgee region.  Despite the controversy, not only has Moolarbin continued the tradition of public access to the natural area, they have produced a plan for further recreational development and environmental restoration.

On my recent visit, hundreds of new plantings of native vegetation were located near the carpark and river access area as part of a restoration/regeneration effort.  Who is responsible for the plantings is unknown, perhaps the mine company or local volunteers.

I also noticed the primary trail signpost had been marred with graffiti including a questionable claim, a helpful walking tip, and political commentary.


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