Lithgow is situated in a valley surrounded by the Blue Mountains.  An area of historically important mining, agricultural, and manufacturing, it is also a short distance to the massive Blue Mountains National Park, Wollami National Park, and many other parks and reserves.

Hassan’s Wall

A short drive from town to the top of the hill provides outstanding overlooks of the Lithgow Region.

Blast Furnace, 2014

While staying at the ZigZag Motel and driving around the neighborhood I saw some brick ruins.  Thinking it might be accessible to the public without trespassing, I returned at sunset with the hope of taking a few photos…

This turned out to be the famous Lithgow Blast Furnace.  Although I had never heard of it, it was certainly no secret to the photography community.

Blast Furnace 2015

In 2015 I had the opportunity to revisit the Blast Furnace Park one evening.  The ruins were undergoing a much-needed stabilization project and the entire site was fenced off for construction safety.

Lithgow Blast Furnace 2015 Gallery


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