Work travel has taken me to Emerald, Blackwater, Mackay, Rockhampton, Brisbane, Longreach, and others.  And I've vacationed in Yeppoon and Byfield.  Although Queensland is home to beaches, rivers, mountains, and tropic rain forests, from what I've seen the majority of the territory is flat grassland.  Very flat.  Kansas-flat.  That's my impression after multiple drives from Brisbane to Mt. Isa, and from Sydney to Mt. Isa.

Visiting the far north tropics of Queensland is on my "wish list."  Our recent family holiday was originally scheduled to include time at Cape Tribulation, but the plan was altered because of the impractical travel logistics.


Emerald Botanic Gardens

The primary location for nature-oriented outdoor recreation in the Emerald, QLD region is the 100-acre Botanic Gardens.

Mount Archer National Park

Located only minutes from the city centre of Rockhampton, this park features scenic overlooks and walking tracks.

Assorted Queensland Photos

The building in the far background is pub that was used for one of the Crocodile Dundee movies. Photo taken by a coworker.

Outback wildlife.

Being one of the tallest features in the area, this mine structure is a landmark for kilometers around.

Rare clouds helped keep the temperature down.

When you have to go somewhere in Queensland, start early because nothing is close by.

This guy is safely in a pen at the Koorana Crocodile Farm.

These are a menace on the Queensland roads!


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